Subject "NSU 2.0": Cologne lawyer filed a complaint for right-wing extremist Hassmail

December, 2018

Cologne defense attorney Mustafa Kaplan has filed a criminal complaint against Unbekannt for "hate mail" with the subject "NSU 2.0". The letter went to the Cologne public prosecutor, it is the SPIEGEL before. Kaplan is known in Germany as a lawyer for NSU victims and represents the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the dispute with the TV man Jan Böhmermann.

The case is explosive against the background of the investigation of a suspected right-wing extremist network in the Frankfurt police. The origin of the procedure lies in a fax to the lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz. In it threaten unknown persons under the code name "NSU 2.0" by force against the daughter of the lawyer. Like Kaplan, she represented co-plaintiffs in the NSU trial.

Kaplan told the SPIEGEL that he suspected in the mail to him "the same source" as the Frankfurt colleague. Not only the term "NSU 2.0" appears, but also "the violence in the language". He felt threatened but did not want to "hide", says Kaplan. "It seems to be the goal to silence people with a migrant background."

The lawyer expects the public prosecutor's office in Cologne to pass on his case to his colleagues in Frankfurt in order to bundle the investigation.

The Hassmail received Kaplan on Sunday morning. According to the distributor, the mail went to several defense lawyers, journalists and press offices of investigative authorities. The sender "Wehrmacht" calls in confused lines, among other things, ten million euros in the network currency Bitcoin and threatened with the murder of children and officials.

According to SPIEGEL information, the anonymous sender has repeatedly threatened defense lawyers in recent weeks who are known to represent people with a migration background. However, the mails do not provide a concrete indication of the Frankfurt case.

Kaplan said that in the past he had repeatedly ignored abuse. This time, however, a threshold was exceeded. "I assume that I was chosen as the addressee mainly because I represent the Turkish president in the Böhmermann case."

Because of the right-wing extremist network in the 1st district of the Frankfurt police investigates the state criminal police Hessen. The prosecution suspects incitement and use of anti-constitutional symbols against five officials. You should have shared right-wing ideas in a chat group. From the 1st district also the private address of the lawyer had been queried. The data appeared in the Droh fax.

Whether the police sent the fax itself or passed the information on to third parties is unclear. Meanwhile, the investigation was apparently extended to other Hessian police stations.

Source: Teller Report