Woman shouts at Brazilian tourists to ‘speak English in this street’

January, 2019
United Kingdom (England)

A group of Brazilian tourists were screamed at by a woman on the street who demanded they speak English.

A video showed the dog walker telling two men and a woman to shut up as they stood in Notting Hill, west London. She then allegedly hit one of the tourists in Tavistock Crescent before walking away, shouting: "Go on, f*** off. Speak English when you walk in this country."

The video was filmed by Natália Rossini, who was on the receiving end of the abuse. She posted the footage on Facebook, writing: "Today we have been attacked by a mental woman just because we were speaking in Portuguese while walking to the underground. It was me, my husband and our friend. All Brazilians speaking our native language. This woman started yelling at us because we are not suppose to talk in our native language while we were in “her country”." She added: "She attacked my husband, punched him, told us that she marked our faces and we couldn’t walk in that street anymore."

At one point the unidentified woman, who was wearing a Union Flag lanyard, claimed to speak "Brazilian" when she visited Brazil even though they speak Portuguese there.

Met Police confirmed they were making enquiries but had made no arrests. A spokesman for the Force said: Police received a report of a racially aggravated assault at approximately 20:15hrs on Saturday, 26 January.

The incident occurred at approximately 16:30hrs in Tavistock Crescent, W11. The victim – a man and a woman who are both Brazilian nationals – reported they were verbally abused and one of them was physically assaulted by a woman. Enquiries continue. There have been no arrests.’

Source: Metro