Netanyahu's son says he 'hopes' leftists will die of coronavirus following protest

April, 2020

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son, Yair Netanyahu, wrote on Twitter Thursday following a protest against the premier that he hopes "the elderly people who die following this protest will be from your bloc," referring to left-wing parties. 

Yair's tweet was in reply to a photo posted by Nitzan Horowitz, chairman of the left-wing party Meretz, at the protest with the caption "Very powerful protest tonight at Habima square. Fighting against corruption. Struggling for democracy." 

The prime minister released a statement denouncing his son's tweet, which was later deleted. "In the fight against coronavirus there are no blocs, and there must not be. The prime minister is working around the clock to secure the well-being and safety of all Israeli citizens, without exception," read the statement.

Source: Haaretz