They left a pig carcass in Bosnia and Herzegovina

August, 2020
Bosnia and Herzegovina

This provocative action in Bratunac, which is in the Republika Srpska (RS), which is one of the two entities in the country, and today the majority population is Serbs, drew the reaction of the Muslim Bosniaks in the city.

Elvir Hodzic, the imam of the mosque in the city center, stated that the pig carcass was noticed yesterday before the noon prayer, and said that they thought the carcass around which flies were gathered belonged to a dog first.

Hodzic said that they realized that it was a piglet when they went to the carcass, and that they immediately reported the situation to the police and that the carcass was removed from the mosque courtyard by the municipal officials.

Hodzic stated that there were people who deliberately left garbage in the courtyard of the mosque, “The mosque is a mosque in the city center and it is forbidden to feed pigs in the city center. So we think this is a designed action.” said.

In Bratunac, which is located in a region where massacres and exiles took place during the war in Bosnia (1992-1995), more than 21 thousand Muslim Bosniaks lived before the war, while today this number has decreased to 7 thousand.

In Srebrenica, in the same region, a pig carcass was left in front of the cemetery where the victims of the genocide were buried in the past.

Muslim Bosnians, whose population is less in the region today, are often subject to similar provocations.

Source: Tekdeeps