Italian mayor suggests electronic wristbands to control refugees

September, 2017

Italy’s Rovigo Mayor Massimo Bergamin suggested refugees wear an electronic wristband for security reasons, according to Italian publication Rai News. Bergamin, a member of the far-right Lega Nord Party, known for its anti-refugee and Islamophobic sentiments, pointing out the recent rape incidents in which refugees applying for asylum were involved in said: “These incidents once again reveal the disorganization of Italian politics and bureaucracy in managing the situation of refugees and asylum seekers.” Bergamin, claiming that in recent years, a source of five billion euros has been allocated to refugees instead of Italian people, noted: “My suggestion is that those who live in our region are controlled with high-tech electronic devices from morning until evening. This will allow security forces to intervene in time in the case of any problems regarding public security, and solve the problem, prosecute or extradite.” Bergamin said that refugees need to respect the law of the country without exception.

Augusta’s Mayor Cettine Di Pietro said he interpreted Bergamin’s proposal as a “provocation.” Die Pietro pointed out that the suggestion would be an implementation against global human rights. According to a study of the IPSOS Research Company, seven out of 10 Italians think there are too many refugees in the country, and 43 percent of the participants of the study said refugees are the main reason of unemployment in Italy.