Parisians threaten hunger strike to protest migrants camping in neighbourhood

December, 2017

Residents in one Paris suburb have threatened to go on hunger strike unless President Macron deals with the African migrants ‘living in squalor’ outside their homes, with women being reportedly being harassed. Locals in the 10th and 19th arrondissements have written to Macron to demand that a migrant centre in the district, one of the largest in the country, be closed down as it has led to over 40,000 people living on the surrounding streets over the last two years in an attempt to get an appointment there.

Many have already sold their apartments and businesses at mega low prices just to escape the area. One is quoted as saying they couldn’t stand the ‘urine soaked pavements’ anymore. One business owner said: “In the morning we have to step over the mattresses at our door. We can not receive customers anymore. Our employees are constantly threatened.” Network spokesman Pierre Vuarin said: “The system of the reception platform for asylum seekers…makes thousands of people wait, forcing them to stay in our neighbourhood without food and any roof over their heads. It creates conditions for permanent violence. This system has caused and continues to provoke frequent clashes between different ethnic groups. We have witnessed two riots with hundreds of people fighting against each other! There have been dozens of wounded in the last twenty months. Several times a week, police are forced to use tear gas to disperse the queue. If no actions are taken to close down the temporary centre for asylum seekers before January 1, we will be launching a hunger strike.”