Hungarian government rehashes UKIP anti-migrant poster in new ad

April, 2018

The Hungarian government has dug out a controversial photo used by Britain’s anti-immigrant UK Independence Party, and reused it to campaign for it own anti-immigration policy.

UKIP’s ‘Breaking Point’ poster was released shortly before the Brexit referendum calling on voters to leave the EU over its immigration policy. It drew widespread condemnation from politicians and was the subject of complaints to the police, saying it was inciting hatred.

The poster featured the photo showing a mass of non-white men walking down a road and with the slogan “Breaking point: the EU has failed us all” printed across it.

The post said, “The government's information campaign on the migration starts into its new phase. The government wants to highlight the fact that the UN's migration guidelines would allow more immigration. We think that immigration poses a serious risk, therefore it must be stopped. The advertisements in this topic will run until the 15h of April."

Both posters manage to obscure a white man who is in the picture and Hungary also cropped out the only woman in the picture.

Source: EN