Refugees struggle in Belgium

September, 2018

Report by Refugee Rights Europe says 94 percent of refugees in Brussels sleep rough and majority don't get enough food.

Refugees in the Belgian capital, Brussels, are living in "untenable" conditions with many sleeping rough and without access to sufficient food, a report by Refugee Rights Europe (RRE) has warned.

Researchers found that 94 percent of refugeessurveyed in the city said they slept rough, while 73 percent said they did not get enough to eat every day.

Hundreds of refugees live near the Gare du Nord railway station and Maximilian Park in central Brussels, without access to basic services, the report by RRE said.

The vast majority of the 118 refugees and migrants surveyed by RRE want to reach the UK.

However, the closure of the "jungle" camp by authorities in Calais, France, 175km West of Brussels, which previously served as a transit point for refugees trying to enter Britain, has complicated the journey.

The camp was home to around 10,000 refugees when it was razed by officials in October 2016 and many of those displaced remain in the surrounding region, living in squats, shelters, and makeshift camps.

Source: Aljazeera