Police in Slovenia accused of conducting unlawful expulsions

January, 2019

In Slovenia, police have been accused of breaching international law in dealing with applications for asylum. Police have rejected the claims.

Slovenia’s Commissioner for Information, Mojca Prelesnik, has called on security forces to make public documents on the way migrants are treated at the border with Croatia.According to Prelesnik, the treatment and procedures for asylum requests were not in line with international legislation because applications were considered regardless of the applicants’ country of origin.

The lawsuit was first reported by the Slovenian daily Dnevnik, which asked to see the court document together with Amnesty International Slovenia. It managed to obtain only partial access to the document.

The newspaper reported that police in 2018 did not allow some migrants to apply for asylum, although they all have the right to file an application. It said police sent them to Croatia, although there were no legal grounds for such a move.

The issue was raised following testimony from a number of migrants now residing in Bosnia Herzegovina. However, police denied the allegations and refused to make the documents entirely public, citing reasons of security for Slovenia and the European Union.

Source: Info Migrants