Unborn baby dead after pregnant woman was refused assistance in Berlin asylum center

July, 2019

After the death of an unborn baby of a female asylum seeker from Armenia in Berlin, criminal charges have been pressed for neglected support against two employees of the security service at a center in Lichtenberg, Berlin.

The woman, together with her husband, had been hosted at the center for two months. She was nine months pregnant when on June 22, she suffered from strong pain and bleeding. Her husband asked the two employees of the security service to call an ambulance, which they refused, according to lawyer Tobias Kiwitt.

Instead, the guards told the couple, which doesn’t speak German, how to get to the hospital with public transportation. When the heavily pregnant woman and her husband reached the clinic after a long walk, the woman delivered a still-born baby.

According to lawyer Tobias Kiwitt, who specializes in medical law, it could also be a case of involuntary manslaughter. Kiwitt represents the Armenian couple and has said that his client has been heavily traumatized and has been suffering from depression since losing her child.

Source: Info Migrants