Far-right group had list of ‘pro refugee’ targets all across Germany to be killed

July, 2019

A hardline far-right network reportedly planned to target political opponents on a nationwide scale. The same group earlier flagged thousands of “pro-refugee” people as targets for potential attacks on “Day X.”

‘Nordkreuz’ (Northern Cross, in English), the far-right group busted in a series of raids by German police, seems to be more sophisticated than had previously been thought, Die Weltreports. Their “kill list,” found on storage devices seized during police searches in 2017 and 2018, features the names and addresses of people living all across the country, the paper reported, citing investigation files.

Earlier, it was reported that the list has 25,000 entries, focusing mainly on left-wing politicians and activists that supported or defended immigration and refugees. These could eventually become murder victims “in case of conflict.”

Source: RT