Greece forces hundreds of asylum-seekers into closed centers

March, 2020

Greek authorities have denied the right to asylum of at least 625 people on the island of Lesbos and transported many to a closed center, with conditions that are unknown, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) stated Friday.

Underlining that Greek authorities prevent asylum-seekers access to services and plan transfers to mainland detention, the nongovernmental organization urged Greece in a written statement on their webpage to grant asylum.

HRW stressed that “Greek authorities have denied at least 625 people who arrived on the island of Lesbos between March 1 and 18, 2020, the right to seek asylum,” adding that authorities are detaining 189 new arrivals on the island of Lesbos in unacceptable conditions. “The other 436 were transported to a closed center in Malakassa, north of Athens, in conditions that are as yet unknown,” it said.

Source: DS