Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai can teach in the Canadian province of Quebec if she removes her hijab, Quebec Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge said.

Quebec recently enacted Bill 21 that bans government employees from wearing religious symbols when dealing with the public, including teachers, nurses and bus drivers.

Roberge posted a photo on Twitter Friday that showed him standing with the hijab-wearing Pakistani activist, an honorary Canadian citizen. The...

A Canadian cartoonist's illustration of President Donald Trump playing golf over the bodies of two drowned migrants went viral on June 27. Two days later, Michael de Adder said on Twitter that he had been let go by a publishing company in New Brunswick, Canada.

De Adder's illustration depicted Trump asking the two dead migrants, "Do you mind if I play through?"

The cartoon refers to the image of oscar Alberto Martínez and his 23-month-old daughter, Angie Valeria, lying face...

The Canadian province of Quebec has passed a contentious law that bans public sector employees from wearing religious symbols - the Jewish kippah, Sikh turban or Muslim hijab, among others - on the job.

The legislation, widely known as Bill 21, passed in a 73-35 vote late on Sunday and takes effect immediately.

Quebec's right-wing Coalition Avenir Quebec government, which holds a majority in the provincial legislature, invoked a seldom-used clause to limit debate on the...

As a schoolteacher in Quebec, she would be subject to a proposed ban on public employees wearing religious symbols on the job. But the Muslim woman says she is not taking off her headscarf.

She says she’s thinking largely of her ninth-graders.

“What message does that send to my students?” Naqvi asked. “We’re supposed to teach them to stand up for their beliefs.”

The prohibition, introduced by Quebec’s new center-right government and expected to take effect in June, would...

The Canadian province of Quebec will ban public sector employees from wearing religious symbols during work hours, in legislation introduced on Thursday, a controversial move that critics say targets Muslim women who wear hijabs or other head coverings.

The proposed law sets the province's right-leaning Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government on a collision course with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who promotes religious freedom, in a federal election year with a Quebec a vital...

The sister of a woman who spent some of her final hours waiting in a New Brunswick emergency room says she believes the wait contributed to her death.

Donna Bordage says Marianne Porter waited for 11 hours in the Moncton Hospital before being seen.

Bordage said her sister spent that time hunched over and moaning in pain, and she believes the wait contributed to her death only hours later.

“She was having a hard time breathing, she was visibly uncomfortable, she couldn’t...

A 29-year-old who shot dead six worshippers at a Quebec City mosque in the worst anti-Muslim attack in the West got life in prison on Friday.

Alexandre Bissonnette will have to wait 40 years longer than usual before he can apply for parole.

In his decision, Judge Francois Huot rejected a prosecution request for a 150-year sentence, which would have been the longest ever in Canada, saying “subjecting a murder to a sentence that exceeds his life expectancy” would be a cruel and...

Hate crimes grew for both Muslims and Jews populations.

Jews were targeted in 139 more incidents last year than in 2016, for an increase of 63 per cent.

Muslims, meanwhile, were targeted in an additional 210 incidents, for an increase of 151 per cent.

For years, police-reported hate crimes in Canada were inching up slowly.

They went up by three per cent in 2016 and by five per cent the year before. They even fell in 2013, dropping by 17 per cent from the year...

The UN Human Rights Committee has demanded that France review its law banning the burqa, claiming that it violates human rights. Christine Douglass Williams, a human rights activist and former director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, explained to Sputnik why such demands pose a danger.

Christine Williams said in an interview with Sputnik that the UN is exceeding its mandate with demands that France's burqa ban be lifted. According to her, such laws have been adopted by over...

Brantford police are searching for two suspects after a mosque on Greenwich Street was vandalized with hateful graffiti on October 21.

It happened in the early-morning hours, around 2:20 a.m. at the Brantford Mosque.

Officers say the two suspects spray painted the walls of the mosque and the parking lot with hateful remarks and symbols directed at members of the religious faith.

The suspects are described as young men with slim builds. Both were wearing long pants with...

After Oct. 17, passengers that take to the sky will be able to stroll through airport security with marijuana depending on their final destination.

There are new rules right around the corner that will feel incredibly foreign to those flying.

After Oct. 17, passengers that take to the sky will be able to stroll through airport security with marijuana depending on their final destination.

“I’m not particularly surprised,” said Neil Reddekopp who was flying with his wife...

Two Canadian paramedics have been charged with "failing to provide the necessities of life" to a young Good Samaritan who had been shot.

Hamilton, Ontario resident Yosif Al-Hasnawi was shot and killed December 2017 after he came to the aid of an older man being accosted by two men.

His family alleges the paramedics accused Al-Hasnawi of faking his injury and delayed bringing him to hospital.

The charges follow a seven-month investigation by police.

Al-Hasnawi, a...

An Ontario man suffering from an incurable neurological disease has provided CTV News with audio recordings that he says are proof that hospital staff offered him medically assisted death, despite his repeated requests to live at home.

Roger Foley, 42, who earlier this year launched a landmark lawsuit against a London hospital, several health agencies, the Ontario government and the federal government, alleges that health officials will not provide him with an assisted home care team...

Police say a mosque has been set on fire in Alberta, Canada, in what Muslim community representatives are calling a “brazen attack”.

CCTV images supplied to Canadian media by officials at the Edson Mosque appeared to show a hooded figure walking away from the building carrying a red bag or jerry can.

Three worshippers were in the car park of the mosque at the time and saw flames rising above an entrance. The fire service was called and successfully tackled the blaze before it...

Two elected officials shocked at hate graffiti sprayed on a Toronto-area Muslim school wall stepped forward to help clean off the offensive remarks.

Police are investigating the expletive-filled anti-Muslim graffiti was spray-painted on the brick wall at Wali ul Asr school, which has several campuses in Ontario ranging from kindergarten to Grade 12.

Toronto Mayor John Tory was quick to condemn the act.

"This hatred is unacceptable at any time, but it is disturbing...