German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas announced that his country will not allow Turkish politicians to carry out election campaign rallies, ahead of upcoming snap parliamentary and presidential elections that will be held on June 24, 2017.

The Social Democrat (SPD) Party politician's statement comes after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that he will address Turkish people living in Europe ahead of the elections, and just a few days after Austria and the Netherlands announced...

Turkish community in Germany still faces discrimination and institutional racism at every single aspect of life from eduction to justice in Germany. One prominent Harvard-educated lawyer says German judges hand longer prison sentences to defendants just for having Turkish names.

Mehmet Daimaguler studied law in prestigious Harvard and Yale in the United States. But he was almost sent to infamous Sonderschule where kids with mental disabilities go in Germany when he was in elementary...

A growing number of Syrian refugees in Germany are seeking to return to Turkey as new German legislation introduced new barriers to family reunification, local media reported on Thursday.

The German government recently imposed stricter measures to curb family reunification for Syrian refugees, many of whom were granted “subsidiary protection.”

Public television ARD reported that its correspondents documented the journey of several Syrian refugees who sought to return to Turkey...

A leading German politician has dug his heels in to the debate over Islam in Germany. In an interview, Alexander Dobrindt said he wasn't discriminating against Muslims, but that Islam "has no cultural roots in Germany."

Alexander Dobrindt, the leader of the Christian Social Union's (CSU) parliamentary party, defended against criticism that his conservative Bavarian party was seeking to marginalize Muslims while doubling down on the stance that "Islam is not part of Germany."


 A mosque in Germany’s capital was vandalized overnight Thursday, allegedly by supporters of the PYD/PKK terror organization, according to mosque officials.

The assailants wrote slogans on the windows of the Mescid-i Aksa mosque, run by the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB) association.

The windows of the mosque were painted in yellow, red and green, the colors used by the terrorist organization for their rags.

The PYD/PKK group and far-left...

Aygül Kilic was a little-known candidate for the Free Democrats until her electoral poster ignited an online controversy.

One of Kilic's party colleagues says those vilifying her for wearing a hijab should "go to hell."

Germany's business friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP) has defended one of its hijab-wearing Muslim candidates after her electoral poster sparked hostile reactions on social media.

Aygül Kilic, a candidate for a local election in the northern German city...

Deutsche Post sold client microtargeting data to the Christian Democrats and Free Democrats before the 2017 elections.

Is this a scandal along the lines of Cambridge Analytica in the US? That depends on whom you ask.

The national newspaper Bild reported that Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) and the center-right Free Democrats (FDP) purchased "more than a billion" of pieces of personal data about potential voters from a subsidiary of Deutsche...

The suspect is alleged to have sold illegal weapons online and called for "defense" against migrants.

He may also be behind right-wing extremist websites and another online weapons shop.

The suspected owner of an online shop selling illegal weapons to Germans has been arrested in Hungary, state prosecutors in Berlin.

The 35-year-old right-wing extremist Mario R. is alleged to be behind the internet website "Migrantenschreck," which roughly translates as "Migrant fright...

Germany's new interior minister, Horst Seehofer, wants to open the first so-called "anchor center" in the autumn.

Many migrants are to be housed there from arrival to deportation. But police are skeptical.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer is pressing ahead with his "masterplan" to speed up deportations of asylum seekers and refugees and streamline asylum procedures.

Deputy Minister Stephan Mayer told German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung that opening a so-called "anchor...

A total of 37 attacks have taken place against Turkish institutions in 2018 in Germany.

It has been noted that the attacks have visibly increased after Turkey launched “Operation Olive Branch” on Jan. 20 to clear militant groups from Afrin in northwestern Syria amid growing threats posed from the region.

The number of attacks against Turkish institutions in the country was 13 in 2017.

According to the report, several mosques, cultural institutions and restaurants...

A mosque in the southern Germany city of Ulm was attacked with molotov cocktails.

The attack caused no injuries but minor damage to the mosque belonging to the Islamic Community National View (IGMG), one of the largest Muslim-Turkish associations in the country.

Despite a ban on activities of PKK in Germany, supporters of the terrorist group and its Syrian branch PYD, have carried out dozens of rallies and violent acts since January after Turkey launched a counter-terrorism...

In a slight to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, new Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Islam is not part of German culture. His comments underscore his efforts to push the government to the right.

Certain Christian-inspired aspects are part of daily life and culture in Germany, Seehofer said, naming examples such as shops being closed on Sundays and public holidays that correspond to church holidays like Easter, Pentecost and Christmas.

Seehofer told the paper that people...

The Koca Sinan Mosque, a Turkish mosque, in Germany capital Berlin was set on fire early Sunday in the latest incident of a series of attacks targeting the country's Turkish and Muslim community by PKK sympathizers and far-right groups.

The mosque, belonging to the Turkish-Muslim organization DITIB, was badly damaged in the arson attack.

“Witnesses told us that three assailants with covered faces threw burning material and immediately ran away,” said Bayram Turk, the head of...

Citing a lack of trust in media coverage, AfD parliamentarians have gone to Syria to assess the security situation for themselves. The party has been pushing to declare Syria a safe country and send back Syrian refugees.

Parliamentarians with the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) are traveling around Syria in an unusual trip this week in hopes of boosting the party's efforts to send back half a million Syrian refugees currently living in Germany.

On Tuesday, members of...

Refugees and refugee homes are still attacked nearly every day in Germany but the figures dropped significantly last year. 

The German government counted 2,219 attacks on refugees and their homes in 2017.

According to an Interior Ministry answer to an official parliamentary information request, the attacks broke down into 1,906 attacks on refugees and 313 on homes, with more than 300 people injured as a result.

The crimes listed in the statistics included bodily harm,...