Swiss parliament votes to ban financing of mosques from abroad

The Swiss National Council, the parliament’s lower house, voted with a narrow majority against financing of mosques from abroad and for expanding general transparency of the mosques’ financial backing. According to the Federal Assembly’s website, 94 members of the parliament voted in favor of the decision, with 89 voting against it. The vote took place on Tuesday.
The new legislation, proposed by the right-wing Lega dei Ticinesi party, bans foreign financing for mosques and implies that they will now be obliged to declare the origin of the financial support they receive, as well as the purpose to which the money will serve. Moreover, the bill obliges imams to preach in the national language of the area where the mosque is located.
The bill now will be debated in the Council of States, the upper house of the Swiss parliament. If the legislation is approved by this chamber as well, a referendum will take place for the people to vote for or against the proposed bill.

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