French lorry drivers converge on Calais for refugee camp protest

Thousands of angry Calais residents, lorry drivers and farmers blockaded the Channel Tunnel and ferry port on Monday to demand the demolition of the sprawling “Jungle” migrants’ camp, blamed for rising insecurity.
French lorry drivers have threatened to blockade the port of Calais, causing severe travel disruption in France and the UK, unless a date is set for dismantling the “Jungle” refugee camp.
Tractors and lorries blocked the main route to the tunnel entrance, the A16 motorway, and the road to the ferry terminal, causing severe delays for goods vehicles.
Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais, who joined the protesters, said: “It’s intolerable for the people of Calais and for British people who use the port and the tunnel. The government is no longer ensuring security.”

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