Police-approved Islamophobic stunt sees fake ‘ISIS invasion’ in Prague

An anti-immigration movement’s members staged a fake ISIS attack in the middle of Prague over the weekend. A reckless stunt from an Islamophobic group turned to horror as a ‘fake ISIS militant invasion’ left “several tourists” injured.
Panic erupted in the middle of the European capital as the group entered the city’s centre equipped with an ISIS flag, camouflage clothing and guns – all while shouting “Allahu Akbar”.
Police admitted they had approved the planned demonstration in the Czech capital.
However, authorities were eventually forced to intervene when the group announced they were about to carry out mock beheadings.
Prior to the event, the Czech police had inspected the group’s fake guns and said the ‘demonstration’ was acceptable.
However, a police spokesman later admitted this was a mistake.
They said tourists thought it was a real terrorist attack and fled fearing for their lives.
Several foreign tourists were injured in the melee when they mistook the blank gunshots for genuine bullets and panicked.

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