UN: 1000 tents collapsed with snowfall, 250 thousand Syrians affected by cold

Syria Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator Mark Cutts, at a press conference held via video conference, pointed out that the temperatures in the northwest of the country do not drop to minus degrees, making the living conditions of Syrians staying in tents extremely difficult.

Stating that about 1,000 tents collapsed due to heavy snowfall, Cutts said that the freezing weather conditions affected 250 thousand Syrians.

It was emphasized that aid should be increased

Noting that humanitarian aid workers pulled the Syrians out from under the collapsed tents, Cutts said that many Syrians were trying to clear the snow from their tents with their bare hands.

Noting that children without winter shoes walk on snow and ice with sandals, Cutts emphasized that they were able to collect only 45 percent of the $4 billion aid fund needed for Syria last year, and that the international community should increase their aid.

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