Muslim woman assaulted in Belgium, her hijab and shirt pulled off

Two men targeted a 19-year-old woman, inflicting injuries upon her with a sharp object and calling her a “filthy Arab.”
A Muslim woman, whose name has not been made public, was brutally assaulted in what appears to be a hate crime carried out by two racist men in Anderlues town near Brussels on Monday, Belgian media reported.
The 19-year-old woman was walking alone in an alley around 2100 GMT (11 pm local) when two unnamed assailants stood in her way, according to Belgium’s official news agency Belga.
The men took off her headscarf and tore apart her shirt, exposing her upper body.
As she tried to escape, the two men hurled racial slurs at the victim, calling her a “filthy Arab” before knocking her to the ground.
Then, the attackers used a sharp object to cut her body, including her torso, stomach and legs, in the shape of a cross, the Belga said.
The men fled after the incident.
The police is yet to reveal details about the health condition of the woman.
The local police have launched an investigation into the attack.
Source: TRT World

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