In Denmark, the unemployed who wear headscarf will not be paid the unemployment benefit

Denmark took the decision last month of the European Court of Justice, the highest judicial organ of the European Union, one step further, and took steps to cut the salary of unemployed unemployed who did not withdraw their headscarf.
The European Court of Justice ruled on 14 March that employers’ employees could ban “any political, philosophical or religious symbolism in a visible way” in the countries of the Union. According to this decision, citizens with headscarves were forced to remove their hijab if the employer wanted it.
In Denmark, the decision was adapted to the unemployed … Unemployed women who do not accept the job offered by the state because they no longer want to remove their hijab will be cut off.
Two of the largest municipalities in Denmark went to cut unemployment benefits for the unemployed, who did not agree to take the turban at the proposed workplace.
Danish Labor Minister Troels Lund Poulsen responded to the question of whether the Danish People’s Party Integration Spokesman Martin Henriksen had “the right to cut unemployment allowances for unemployed husbands who did not accept the headscarf despite the fact that the unemployment movements were asked to remove the headscarf,” by sending a letter to the Danish municipalities, The application of security practices and obligations in a letter, he said.
In accordance with the Danish labor laws, unemployed Danish workers have to accept the jobs of the employment agencies without questioning their suitability.
Henriksen, a member of the Danish People’s Party, a nationalist, right-wing populist party, said that the Labor Minister’s response to the question was welcomed, “It is important that we have no right to say no to Islamist tendencies in the Danish society. Burka and the headscarf are symbols of an ideology that divides people into clean and non-clean, “he said.

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