Muslim woman files complaint after being asked to remove headscarf to vote in French elections

In the south-eastern French town of Orange, famous for its Roman theatre, a Muslim woman said she was the subject of discrimination by electoral officials during the second round of the French presidential vote on Sunday. The woman said she was forced to remove her headscarf as officials said she did not match her photo identification. She has now filed a complaint, L’Express reports.
The woman, Naima El Omar, told local radio: “The gentleman looked at me with an odd look, and said, “Madam, you take off your veil, it’s the law, or you do not vote.” I had a scarf, not even a veil. Shirt, sneakers and jeans.”
According to French law, no person is allowed to vote if they are covering their face with a veil or a mask, as the electoral officials would not be able to identify them. When it comes to headscarves and other religious items, the electoral law does not say they are banned as long as the individual’s face is visible.

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