Muslim woman wearing burkini kicked out of pool in France, told to pay cleaning fees

A Muslim woman wearing a burkini who went to a community pool in Marseille, France was told to leave the pool and pay fees to clean the facilities, reports said Monday. The woman, identified as Fadila, reportedly went to the pool with her family on July 21. While she was swimming, pool officials told everyone to leave it and asked Fadila’s husband to stop his wife from swimming, claiming that her swimsuit was not hygienic. The official also told the Muslim family that they will have to pay €490 ($578) for emptying and cleaning the pool, but the latter refused to do so.
The Muslim woman told French non-governmental organization United Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) that she was extremely disappointed about what happened. CCIF officials noted that the burkini does not pose any hygiene issues as the garments are made with swimsuit material.
France and Belgium have both banned the burqa and niqab in public, while French beach resorts sparked international controversy this summer with local bans on the full-body “burkini” Islamic swimsuit. In 2016, Cannes became the first city to outlaw burkinis and other French resorts brought similar measures. However, the country’s highest administrative court overturned the ban for violating fundamental freedoms.

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