‘Rape dead Muslim women’ said Yogi Adityanath, Modi made him chief minister of UP in India

Yogi Adityanath member of BJP Hindu right wing fundamentalist party told Hindus to rape dead Muslim women. Indian prime minister Naradnera Modi appointed him next chief minister of UP after the winning large number of seats in the recent elections.
In his speech to a charged crowd, he said that “we will take the right of vote from the Indian Muslims and declare them 2nd class citizens”. He also said “masjid will be converted into Hindu temples” and instead of Muslim call to prayer ‘Azan’, they will call ‘Har Har Mahahdave’ from the masjids. Armed Hindu gangs are openly parading in the streets. He told the charged crowd: “take the Muslim women out of their graves and rape them”.
Source: http://thelondonpost.net/rape-dead-muslim-women-said-yogi-adityanath-mod…

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