Anti-Islam Pegida to roast pigs in front of mosques during Ramadan

Anti-Islam movement Pegida is planing to roast pigs on the spit in front of five mosques during Ramadan. The action is planned for mosques in Arnhem, Gouda, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, during the evening prayer, AD reports.
The first demonstration will be held at the Ulu Camii mosque in Utrecht on June 4th. Similar actions will be held at the Aya Sofia mosque in Arnhem on June 5th, the En-Nour mosque in Gouda on June 6th, the HDV Laleli mosque in Rotterdam on June 7th, and the As-Soennah mosque in The Hague on June 8th. The barbecues will start every evening at 8:30 p.m. Anyone who brings their own plate and cutlery and a good anti-Islam mood is welcome, Pegida said on Facebook.
Pegida is convinced that this action in front of the mosques will be allowed. “When Anti-Zwarte Pieten can demonstrate prominently during the entry in Dokkum, a prominent place in front of the mosque during Ramadan must also be possible”, the movement said.
All five involved municipalities were informed of the action, according to AD. A spokesperson for the municipality of The Hague told the newspaper that the request is currently being carefully assessed. “An interview with the organization about the how and what of the announced action is also part of this”, the spokesperson said. 
A spokesperson for Utrecht said: “Demonstrating is a fundamental right. But we will consult with the organization to ensure that everything stays within the rules of the law.”
The municipality of Gouda will also talk with Pegida. Rotterdam and Arnhem are considering the application to demonstrate. 
Source: Nl Times

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