A Muslim woman was subjected to vile racist abuse from a drunk man

The incident occurred at about 1.30pm on May 28 on a Thameslink network in London.
The Bengali woman, who is in her 20s and wears a hijab, was with her mother when she noticed the man staring at her.
Speaking to Tell MAMA, an organisation highlighting anti-Muslim abuse, the woman said she felt threatened by his stares, disheveled appearance and open can of alcohol in hand.
He then began slurring the phrase ‘dirty fucking bomber’ within earshot of the woman and several other passengers.
She was able to take a photo of the man, who is described as a bearded white male in his 40s or 50s who spoke with a regional accent and was wearing a black hoodie and black tracksuit bottoms. The British Transport Police are now investigating the incident.
In a statement to Tell MAMA, the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘When he made his remarks and stared in my direction, I felt I had to hide away in my seat and also use a different exit to get off the train to avoid more abuse. ‘Being referred to as a ‘bomber’ and ‘dirty’ made me feel like I had to be held accountable for something, and that I was beneath others, just because of my skin colour.
Source: Metro

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