Protesters blockade bus driven by woman in headscarf in London

Far-right protesters demanding the release of jailed EDL founder Tommy Robinson brought chaos to central London after blockading a bus being driven by a woman in a headscarf.
Dozens of demonstrators, some of whom were drinking, stopped the vehicle from moving in Trafalgar Square before passengers were ushered away.
The group pushed “Britain Loves Trump” posters onto the vehicle’s windscreen.
But protesters appeared on the brink of fighting among themselves as some demanded the bus be let through while others rattled its sides.
Police were present throughout the incident but did not move in until reinforcements arrived. One liaison officer said they did not want to escalate the situation.
The Metropolitan Police’s events team tweeted: “There is now a protest in the road at Trafalgar Square, and consequently there is currently no vehicle movement around the Square.”
The bus driver appeared unperturbed throughout. When politely asking the demonstrators to move failed, she remained sat at the wheel rolling her eyes. She was allowed to drive on after approximately 30 minutes after police finally cleared the road.
Twelve people were arrested in total throughout the day for a range of public order offences, although it remained unclear if any were connected with the bus blockade.
Earlier in Whitehall anti-Islam chants and pro-Trump cheering were heard as a series of speakers addressed the combined “Free Tommy Robinson” and “Welcome Donald Trump” rallies.
An inflatable pig with a mask of London mayor Sadiq Khanattached to it was passed about the 6,000-strong crowd. Mr Khan has repeatedly clashed with Mr Trump on Twitter and in the press.
One banner labelled Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, “Merc***”. Two fireworks were let off in the middle of the mass.
Source: Independent

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