Muslim couple in Aldi remain calm in face of racist tirade in West London

A Muslim couple remained calm and composed in the face of a tirade of racist abuse which was caught on film at a supermarket in west London. As they went to pay for their shopping at the Aldi in Feltham, a woman at the opposite checkout began shouting and screaming at them – branding the wife’s niqab “disgusting”. The husband responded by asking if she thought “freedom of choice” was disgusting, telling her her attitude was “disgusting”. She screamed back that he should “not allow [his] wife to go around like that” to which the wife responded that she decides herself what she wears. “Why should he be my boss, he’s not my boss”, she said. The husband then told the woman she should educate herself to which she asked him if he had read the Quran because he was “supposed to be a peaceful person”. She then pointed at the wife and said: “You shouldn’t be around like that, you look like a bloody pillar box”. The husband then said it is his wife’s choice to wear the niqab while the woman continued to shout “disgusting, absolutely disgusting”. Another man’s voice, believed to be an Aldi employee, is then heard telling the woman to stop shouting “otherwise you are going to get banned”.
The footage of the incident, which is believed to have happened earlier this week, was uploaded to Facebook by the couple’s friend – Federica Lucarelli, where it has since been viewed over 19,000 times. She said no one intervened to stop the woman before the Aldi staff member.

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