Man accused of racist attack on Muslim couple weeps uncontrollably on camera

A man accused of a racist attack on a Muslim couple completely broke down on camera and cried uncontrollably. Frederick Nolan Sorrell was charged with three misdemeanors after allegedly driving past the couple, shouting “go back to your fucking country” and making a gun gesture with his hand. He allegedly followed the pair and said: “Take off the fucking burka. This is America.” The incident took place in Portland, Oregon, in May. He was arrested in July. But he appeared to have a changed in attitude after his court appearance this week.
KOIN 6 filmed Sorrell weeping as he tried to explain why he acted the way he did. He said: “I’ve seen a lot of things for the first time in my life. I’d never seen a burka here in Portland.” “I’ve seen lots of hijabs, and I smile at them I think they’re very colorful, I don’t hate Muslims. I’m just scared by what I saw, like if I saw someone from the KKK… everything I see in black that’s causing all these afflictions in the world, ISIS… you don’t do that here.” He later described himself as a patriot, saying: “My ignorance and my stupidity is why I opened my mouth and I shouldn’t have.”
CAIR-Oregon spokesperson Zakir Khan said: “We hope the arrest of this suspect will serve to deter others from committing bias-motivated crimes targeting Muslims or any other minority group.”

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