Man eggs Muslim neighbor’s car 2x, leaves note, calls all Muslims ‘cockroaches’

A cemetery groundskeeper pelted his Muslim neighbor’s vehicle with eggs and tomatoes, left a handwritten note under the windshield mocking Mecca and later caused a traffic crash on Georgia Avenue all in effort to stop a fictitious web of terrorists, police say. Jeffrey Frizzell, 58, of Aspen Hill, is currently charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and race-religious harassment of a person. On Sunday, June 11, a Muslim man found his Chevrolet Silverado pick-up truck coated in egg and tomato residue. The vehicle was parked in front of his home along Aspen Hill Road. Under the windshield wiper, the man located a note, which read in all capital letters: “ALLAH SUCKS COCKROACH C**** IN MECCA.”
Three weeks later, on Saturday, July 1, the same Muslim man found his pick-up truck peppered yet again with “broken gooey egg residue.” The man needed to pay for a carwash to clear the egg remains from the vehicle. Harboring genuine concern for his family’s safety, the man called Montgomery County Police. Officers took a report, but had no obvious or immediate suspects in mind. Then on Sunday, July 2, Montgomery County Police were dispatched to a house located a few doors down from the targeted Muslim family. The caller stated he had witnessed “Middle Eastern looking men” enter the home and was fearful that the men were plotting “some kind of attack.” Jeffrey Frizzell greeted a patrol officer at the front door. According to police, Frizzell referred to Muslims as “cockroaches” and further opined that Muslims are dangerous people.
Coincidentally, the officer dispatched to Frizzell’s home had also responded to the previous hate crime calls. When questioned about the egging incidents, police say Frizzell cracked, stating, “Muslims are like an infestation of cockroaches.” Frizzell allegedly continued his diatribe, adding, “I know you are going to arrest me for a hate crime, it’s a hate crime I know.”
As if things weren’t bad enough, on the following day, Frizzell allegedly chased a female motorist down Aspen Hill Road and onto Georgia Avenue. Police say Frizzell, who was driving a blue Buick Lasabre at the time, repeatedly rammed the back of the woman’s Dodge minivan. At the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Bel Pre Road, Frizzell hit the woman’s car with such force, she crashed into a third vehicle.
Eyewitnesses say Frizzell shouted at one motorist, “Don’t move you van! Block her, she’s a terrorist.” The 58-year-old proceeded to explain he was working on behalf of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. While being taken to jail, a meek and perhaps remorseful Frizzell stated, “I shouldn’t of done this.” – and – “What was I thinking?” “I think he’s mentally unstable,” said one female neighbor who didn’t want to be identified. “He’ll start talking about terrorists and Muslim and use derogatory terms. He really makes you uncomfortable. What is he going to progress into next?” According to Montgomery County District Court documents, Frizzell has a criminal record, which includes a number of drug offenses. He has lived in Aspen Hill for 22 years, and at the time of his arrest, was residing with an elderly woman who he cared for. Court records further indicate Frizzell had recently worked as a groundskeeper at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery along Georgia Avenue in Aspen Hill.

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