Hate crimes on the rise in Manchester after attack

The number of hate crimes has nearly doubled following the Monday’s suicide bomb attack at the Manchester Arena, the police data showed.
Police received 28 reports of hate crimes on the day of the attack, but the number rose to 56 by Wednesday.
“It is important that we continue to stand together here in Greater Manchester. Particularly against some of the hateful views that we’ve seen from a very small minority of the community that have no place here,” Ian Hopkins, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, said.
Hopkins added that police could directly link the spike in crimes to the events on Monday night and that authorities were continuing to monitor the situation.
“I have sent a personal message out to all the faith leaders and places of worship today and have thanked them for the support they have shown and stressed that hate crime will not be tolerated,” Hopkins said.
At least 22 people, including children, were killed and 59 others were wounded Monday in a suicide attack that targeted concertgoers following a performance by U.S. singer Ariana Grande in the U.K. city of Manchester.
Source: https://www.dailysabah.com/europe/2017/05/28/hate-crimes-on-the-rise-in-…

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