Pamela Geller wins bid to post transit ads for film critical of Muslims

Conservative firebrand Pamela Geller has won a round with the MTA over her efforts to plaster city buses with ads promoting a new film that criticizes Muslims.
The new ads announce the release of “Can’t We Talk About This? The Islamic Jihad Against Free Speech,” a film that details efforts by international organizations to compel the U.S. and other Western countries to curtail freedom of speech and criminalize criticism of Islam, according to Geller. She has locked horns with the MTA in court before.
It was only after a Muslim group successfully challenged the MTA political ad ban that Geller’s group got the green light. The ad features a stick figure of a director who was beheaded for insulting Islam. The ads are currently up on close to 100 New York City buses and several Times Square billboards.
The film’s title is a nod to Holland filmmaker, Theo Van Gogh, a descendant of the famous painter, who was shot, stabbed and mutilated in front of dozens of witnesses by a Dutch-born Muslim. Authorities said Van Gogh was murdered in apparent retaliation for a film that featured quotes from the Koran projected onto a naked female body with a commentary composed of the testimonies of abused Muslim women. Witnesses said his last words, as he pleaded with his killer, were, “Can’t we talk about this?”

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