Racist attack in Germany: Pig’s head hanged on mosque door

In the statement made on the Eving Selimiye Mosque’s social media account, it was emphasized that the attack in question was “racist and disgusting” and stated that such attacks would not intimidate them. “This disgusting and disgusting act is condemned in the strongest terms by our board of directors,” the statement said. statements were included.

Emphasizing that xenophobia, anti-Islamism and right-wing extremism cannot prevent Dortmund and Eving residents from living in peace, the statement also thanked Eving District Mayor Oliver Stens and North Rhine-Westphalia (KRV) State Deputy Volkan Baran for their support.

On the security camera, it is seen that an unidentified person came to the door of the mosque at 04.32 am, hung a pig’s head and took pictures with it.



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