19 years old Sare was released

Nineteen-year-old Sare, who on July 5 was violently dragged on the ground in Khan al-Ahmar by Israeli forces after they tore off her headscarf, was released after being remanded in custody for about two weeks.
The Palestinian Bedouin hamlet of Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank will remain Palestinian land, a young Palestinian woman who had been detained by Israeli authorities said in 17 July.
“I did not commit any crime to be taken into custody. I just tried to protect my house and homeland,” she told Anadolu Agency.
Sare also thanked everyone who supported the resistance against Israel’s attempt to evict the area’s residents.
On July 5, Israeli bulldozers destroyed a number of tents and other structures in Khan al-Ahmar, triggering clashes with local residents.
There are 46 Bedouin communities scattered across Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem inhabited by some 3,000 residents.
Source: AA

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