UN Secretary General Calls for Investigation of Air Strikes in Syria’s Idlib

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for an investigation into air strikes in the Syrian province of Idlib several days ago, the UN chief’s spokesman said in a statement on June 10.
“The Secretary-General expresses deep concern about the airstrikes that reportedly targeted the village of Zardana in northern rural Idlib on the night of 7 to 8 June, killing dozens including children. He calls for a full investigation into the attacks, especially allegations that there was also a second strike targeting first responders, to establish accountability,” the statement said.
Earlier, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported the death of 45 civilians as a result of air strikes in the Syrian province of Idlib.
On Friday, Russian Defense Ministry rebutted allegations of an airstrike carried out by a Russian warplane on June 7 near the village of Zardana in Syria’s Idlib province.
The allegations were earlier made by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Right and the White Helmets, it specified. The ministry also noted that the area had been a site of “violent clashes between a large detachment of the Nusra Front terrorist organization and its implacable enemy, Jaysh Al-Ahrar opposition group, with the use of heavy artillery weapons.
Source: Sputniknews

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