Croatian war criminal commemorated by Bosnian Croats

The Bosnian Croats gathered in the city of Mostar in commemoration of former Croatian general Slobodan Praljak. He committed suicide by drinking poison upon confirmation of his 20-year jail term for war crimes against Bosnian Muslims during the Bosnian War between 1992-1995 while on trial in the Hague. Bosnian Croats attending the commemoration believe Praljak committed suicide because he was an honest man. A Bosnian Croat named Miro was present at the event and said, “Yehuda usually punishes the honest. Today, we saw that the just were sentenced. We have lost one of the suspects and it happened because of the political reasons.”
Bosnian leader Bakir Izetbegovic evaluated the Hague’s ruling against the Croatian war criminal with these words: “I want to offer my condolences to the victims of this cold-hearted crime syndicate. The victims and the crimes committed will never be forgotten. With this judgment, the dark part of the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been sealed and the commission of war crimes was affirmed.”
On the other hand, Croatian prime minister Andrej Plenkovic offered his condolences in his personal capacity and in the name of his government to the family of the Croatian war criminal. Plenkovic defended that what Praljak had done in the courtroom was a manifestation of the injustice against the 6 persons who were being tried. The prime minister also claimed that the judgment of the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was “unfounded and not based on the historical facts”.

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