Assad chlorine-laden barrel bomb shuts hospital near Hama

A hospital in Hama countryside was declared out of service after Assad warplanes’ attack on Saturday.
Al-Latamneh Surgical Hospital, in al-Latamenh town northwest of Hama, was directly targeted by an Assad helicopter which dropped a chlorine-laden barrel-bomb, Orient News correspondent Firas Karam reported.
The barrel bomb fell at the entrance of the hospital, leading to the immediate death of one of the injured, who was in the emergency room, he added.
The entire hospital staff, in addition to ambulances’ drivers and paramedics, suffered suffocation because the chlorine spread into the hospital building, including patients and operating rooms.
The hospital was not equipped with a proper ventilation system, and there were not enough oxygen to deal with the large number of victims having trouble breathing. The affected staff and the patients were transported to nearby hospitals. Moderate cases were treated while sever cases were referred to taken to be receive treatment in Bab al-Hawa Hospital, where ICU is available.
Among the severe cases was Dr. Ali al-Darwish, who shortly died because of inhaling big amounts of chlorine. He was in the operating room when the attack took place, other staff members said.
Health Directorate of Free Hama announced, in a statement, the hospital out service and added that this comes less than month after three other hospitals were rendered out of service because of Assad and Russian bombardment.
The directorate sent an “urgent message” to the world’s humanitarian organizations to stop the crimes of the Assad regime against civilians and medical staffs.

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