Israeli committee approves bill to sue boycott activists

The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation on Sunday approved a bill that allows to sue Israel’s boycotters and ask for financial compensation. The Hebrew TV channel Seven reported that the bill allows the Israelis who find themselves affected by the boycott campaigns to demand financial compensation without proof of damage.
The bill is set to be presented to the Knesset for final approval, which means that all left-wing organizations calling for boycotting Israel culturally, academically and economically in the occupied Palestinian territories will be subjected to immediate judicial prosecution. The original law was approved by the Knesset in 2011, but the Israeli Supreme Court overturned the clause related to claiming financial compensation without citing evidence of damage.
According to the new law, the institutions and bodies that encourage or advocate anti-Israel boycott campaigns will be fined 100,000 shekels ($29,000) if there is no evidence of damage and 500,000 shekels ($150,000) if the evidence is there.

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