Oxford University squatters who turned college building into homeless shelter have been evicted

A group of activists who occupied a building owned by Oxford University and used the space as a shelter for the city’s homeless population have been evicted. Twenty people have been sleeping at the shelter, which has its own kitchen and showering facilities, since New Year’s Eve. The building has been vacant since it was purchased by Wadham College in 2015 and will eventually be turned into student accommodation.
Iffley Open House, which is run by concerned members of the local community, said they learned of the eviction through the local newspaper.
“It is a shame that a university of such extraordinary prestige and renown is struggling to exhibit basic levels of compassion for those members of their local community who need it the most,” Miriam Stewart, a volunteer, told The Independent.
The shelter has now moved to another building which is also owned by the university but has been empty for almost seven years.
Said Business School, who are the owners of the property, have now notified the group they will also be pushing for an eviction.
Volunteers are hoping to present a motion to the student union at Oxford in the hope of getting them to engage with the wider community and support the residents of the shelter.
Homelessness in Oxford has increased fivefold in the last four years and 200 beds in local homeless shelters are set to close.
Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/oxford-university-squatte…

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