Amnesty International: Civilians killed by US airstrikes in their homes after they were told not to flee Mosul

Amnesty International warned that a rise in civilian casualties in Iraq suggests the U.S.-led coalition is not doing enough to prevent civilian deaths. A report by the group released Monday quoted Mosul residents and eyewitnesses of recent airstrikes to warn of an “alarming pattern of U.S.-led coalition airstrikes that have destroyed whole houses with entire families inside.” The report comes after the U.S. military acknowledged it conducted airstrikes on March 17 in an area of the city where residents said more than 100 civilians were killed. In addition to that airstrike, which the U.S. military is now investigating, Amnesty said a second strike killed “up to 150 people.” Iraqi and coalition forces have recently ramped up efforts to eradicate ISIS from the western part of the city, after the east was declared “liberated” in January. But humanitarian groups have warned that the coalition’s reliance on airstrikes could cause more civilian casualties, as about 400,000 civilians remain trapped in areas of the city still held by the terror group. Failure to take precautions to protect civilians during airstrikes would be “in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law,” Amnesty warned.

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