US police officers shoot and kill pregnant black woman after she reports burglary

Seattle police fatally shot a 30-year-old mother of four in her home after they responded to her emergency call about a burglary. Charleena Lyles was shot after police saw her holding a knife, the Seattle Times reported.
Ms Lyles lived in Brettler Family Place, a complex of apartment homes meant for people transitioning out of homelessness. She had called the police on the morning of 18 June to report the crime.
Seattle Police issued a statement in which they said Ms Lyles was “armed with a knife” and “confronted” two police officers who had responded to the call. Recently released audio of the incident indicates that Ms Lyles was reporting a stolen Xbox video game unit. Detective Mark Jamieson said that police were familiar with Ms Lyles and said her home had a “hazard information” warning for any officers responding to calls there.
Family members say the fact that Ms Lyles’ is black played a role in her death. Ms Lyles was arrested on 5 June harassment, obstruction of a public official, and harassment of a law enforcement officer, according to the newspaper. Ms Lyles’ sister Monika Williams said that her sister was released on the recommendation that she seek mental health counselling, but it is unclear if that was the case or if she was receiving any such care. She said that Ms Lyles had “mental health issues” for but did not provide any further detail. “Why couldn’t they have Tased her?,” said Ms Williams to the newspaper, questioning why police did not subdue her sister in a non-fatal manner. She also said her sister was pregnant.

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