CVS manager calls police on black woman over coupon

A black woman said a CVS store manager in Chicago called the police after questioning the legitimacy of her coupon and posted the confrontation on social media in a video that has gone viral.
Camilla Hudson told ABC News that when she went into the CVS in Edgewater Glen on July 13 night and the coupon didn’t work, the manager, Morry Matson, asked for help from another supervisor. That’s when that unidentified manager questioned whether the coupon was fraudulent.
“In saying it’s fraudulent and it looks handwritten, which it didn’t to me, he [the manager assisting Matson] was essentially calling me a liar, a thief, a forger,” Hudson told ABC News.
Matson then called the police and Hudson began recording him with her cell phone.
During the phone call with police, Matson who appears to be visibly shaking describes Hudson as “African-American,” to which she responds, “Black.”
“No, I’m not African-American, I’m black,” she can be heard saying off camera. “Black isn’t a bad word.”
CVS Health fired two employees at a Chicago-area store in July 16, just days after a black woman posted a video that she said showed one of them a white man calling the police after she tried to use a coupon they believed to be fraudulent.
Source: NY Times

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