Dutch FM under fire for discriminatory remarks

Politicians and refugee organisations have criticised Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok for claiming there are no peaceful multicultural societies. 
Blok, a member of the liberal VVD, the largest party in the Netherlands, also said that Suriname has become a failed state because of its ethnic divide.
The minister made the comments during a private event last week, where he met Dutch citizens working for international organisations.
Footage of the speech was obtained by Zembla, a TV programme focused on investigative journalism.
“Give me an example, of a multiethnic or multicultural society, where the original population are still living as well. […] And where there are peaceful community relations. I’m not aware of any,” Blok said during the event.
After an audience member mentioned Suriname, a former Dutch colony, Blok disagreed vehemently. 
According to Blok, countries that receive a lot of migrants will run into trouble eventually.
“If you live in Benoordenhout [a neighbourhood in The Hague], it’s really great to be able to nip to the Turkish baker on a Sunday,” Blok said.
“You don’t suffer from any of the side effects [then]. But if you’re surrounded by them, you suffer greatly.
“I can’t see the difference between a Hutu and a Tutsi, or a Sunni or a Shiite, but unfortunately they do. It has nothing to do with skin colour,” he added. 
Source: Aljazeera

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