Exclusions for racism in primary schools in England up more than 40%

He has experienced racist abuse at primary school five times in a year. It has left his mother, Carla, in tears.
One of the perpetrators is now on a council register for racism, with another facing temporary exclusion.
Primary-school exclusions for racism in England are up more than 40% in just over a decade with the biggest rise in the North West, official figures show.
BBC News analysis of the figures showed:
496 temporary exclusions for racism from primary schools in the academic year 2017-18
A rise of 40% on 2006-07, when there were 350 exclusions
In the North West there were 36 temporary exclusions in 2006-07, compared with 76 in 2017-18
The number of exclusions for racism across all schools in England has fallen over the same period.
Source: BBC

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