Trump invites man wearing border wall suit to stage

Amid chants of “build that wall,” President Donald Trump found one supporter that truly tried to embody one of the president’s main policy initiatives.
During a campaign rally in Montoursville, Penn., Trump invited a man to the stage who was wearing a suit that had a brick wall design. 
“Now, we know who he’s voting for,” Trump said after shaking hands with the man, identified as Blake Marnell by the Associated Press.
Trump was campaigning for Republican Fred Keller ahead of Tuesday’s special election to find a replacement for Rep. Tom Marino. Keller is going up against Democrat Marc Friedenberg for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District seat.
The president was bashing Friedenberg as a candidate who “wants to open your borders.” Democrats have not called for open borders, but have opposed Trump’s plan to build new barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.
“We’re fighting like hell with the worst laws to get those borders closed,” the president said. 
His supporters began chanting “build that wall,” when Trump spotted Marnell, who was sporting the signature red “Make America Great Again” cap and a suit designed to look like a brick wall.
Source: USA Today

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