Two US military bases to house migrants

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has confirmed that two military bases will be used as temporary camps to house migrants who illegally enter the US.
Speaking in Alaska, Secretary Mattis named the Texas bases but did not say whether they would house migrant children or families held together.
The Pentagon said last week it planned to house 20,000 detained children on military bases.
Meanwhile, Mr Trump repeated calls for deportations without judicial process.
Secretary Mattis told reporters on Monday that Fort Bliss and Goodfellow Air Force Base had been chosen, but added that he “cannot confirm the specifics on how they’ll be used”.
He also said the military was still working through details, including exactly how much capacity they need at the two bases because “the numbers [of migrants] obviously are dynamic”.
Officials from the Department of Health and Human Services visited three bases in Texas last week to examine whether they could be used to house migrant children, US media report.
During his remarks to reporters on his way to Asia to meet with Chinese, Korean and Japanese defence ministers, Mr Mattis confirmed the two bases that had been chosen.
Source: BBC

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