Germany’s right-wing populist AfD party demands ‘immediate closure of borders’ and Islamic headscarf ban in election manifesto

The right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party called for closing borders, restricting Islamic practices and fighting the ruling ‘oligarchy’ in its election campaign programme released on Thursday. Polling at around 11 per cent now, the four-year-old AfD aims to become the first party to the right of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc to enter the national parliament in September elections.
The AfD opposes all ‘mainstream’ political parties and what it regards as their allies in the media, arguing that Germany is ruled by a remote elite that is betraying ordinary citizens. ‘The secret sovereign in Germany is a small, powerful political oligarchy which has emerged from the existing political parties’ and has come to dominate the state, public education and media, argues a draft of its programme.
The AfD stressed its position that ‘Islam is not part of Germany’ – directly contradicting the message of its declared enemy, Merkel, to the country’s estimated 4.5million Muslims. It also demanded ‘the immediate closure of borders to end the chaotic mass immigration,’ said a party representative, and said it opposes family reunions for those granted refugee status.

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