Austria calls for less money for EU states opposing refugee distribution

Ahead of an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday, Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern called for increased pressure on countries in the 28-member bloc that continue to fail to take in refugees. “In future, the money from the EU budget must be distributed more equally among the member countries,” Kern told German daily “Die Welt.”
“If countries continue to duck away from resolving the issue of migration, or tax dumping at the expense of their neighbors, they will no longer be able to receive net payments of billions from Brussels,” Kern said in the article published on Wednesday, arguing that “solidarity is not a one-way street.”
On issues such as economic development, security interests or sanctions against Russia, some EU countries expect solidarity from other member states, Kern said, “but on other important issues they do not want to know anything about solidarity. Selective solidarity should in the future also lead to selective payability among the net payers.”
However, same Austria closed the border with Italy to not let refugees in.

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