Refugee child dies in Belgium after police chase

A 2-year-old girl of Kurdish origin has died after Belgian police chased a van carrying illegal migrants, local media report.
The girl died on the way to hospital after the van was stopped by armed police in the western city of Mons, according to the news agency Belga.
Officers reportedly opened fire on the vehicle when it tried to run them over.
“The autopsy established the cause of death was a bullet that entered the sidewalk,” prosecutor Frederic Bariseau advised the AFP news service, adding that law enforcement could not confirm who’d fired the bullet.
Belgian media reported that the girl, that had been with her mommy, have been held out of the van window apparently to help keep the authorities at a space.
Community prosecutors told the BBC that they couldn’t confirm that the accounts.
The van drove west to several ponds, evading authorities. Eventually it collided with another car or truck around Mons and the girl was still found.
Migrants staying at the local Grande-Synthe camp had understood the girl who’d died as she had been a portion of the family group who’d previously been remaining in the gym, said French authorities.
Source: Independent Recorder

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