Danish minister sparks furious backlash after celebrating tougher immigration laws with cake

A Danish minister has sparked a furious backlash after she shared a photo celebrating increased immigration controls.
Integration minister Inger Støjberg posted the photograph of a celebration cake to social media after her 50th amendment to tighten immigration controls was ratified earlier this week.
The minister is seen holding a cake featuring the number 50 and a Danish flag.
“Today I got the 50th amendment to tighten immigration controls ratified,” she wrote. “This needs celebrating!”
The minister is no stranger to controversy. She has been embroiled in a number of anti-immigration scandals in the past, including telling a story about a daycare centre banning pork in a bid to warn about the dangers of immigration, which was later proven to be false.
Ms Støjberg was also heavily involved in Denmark’s “Jewellery law” which received widespread criticism.
Under the legislation, which has been labelled “vindictive” by Human Rights Watch, asylum seekers arriving in the country are allowed to keep up to 10,000 kroner (£1,000) in cash and valuables but anything above that will be seized to pay for their stay.
Social media users were quick to condemn her post on Facebook, which received 5,000 reactions and 600 comments within the first hour of being posted, according to the Politiken newspaper.
Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/danish-integration-minist…

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