Finland aims to block repeat asylum applications to stop swindle tactics

At present, there are thousands of migrants whose asylum applications have been turned down. Many file new applications citing new grounds, such as religious conversion and homosexuality in an attempt to delay deportation.
Finland’s Interior Ministry is pushing to change the legal system in order to stop migrants from re-applying multiple times, as is currently allowed under the law, national broadcaster Yle reported.
Today, rejected migrants often launch their asylum processes anew in a bid to delay imminent deportation, the Interior Ministry said. Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen has stressed that the opportunity to abuse the system in order to create delays should be limited.
Both the number of repeat applications and their percentage of overall applications have grown in recent years, as thousands of migrants have received negative asylum decisions and are trying to avoid being sent back to their respective homelands. More than half of the repeat applicants are Iraqis, who also constituted the largest share of migrants arriving in Finland during the peak of the migrant crisis.
Right now repeat applications are not being considered if they use the same rationale as the initial one. The proposed changes would make it easier for authorities to deport people from the country if their first application was dismissed.
Source: Sputniknews

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